Morning Light

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Art Galleries

  I received emails asking how to get into galleries. Paint at least 100 paintings then and only then start submitting to juried exhibits along with joining a local art group. Build your resume while learning the ropes and at the same time start networking with other artists. Getting represented by a fine art gallery takes time...Paint and keep painting. If you then feel ready - Paint some more. update your website with your BEST artwork - Take away the ones your did for grandma in college. Are your paintings nicely framed, do you have high resolution jpegs,  and have your established a priceless? Do you have printed tear sheets to leave with gallery director? Do you have all your vendors established and accessible?  Get all this in order before you approach a gallery.

I  ts not just getting your artwork into a place but establishing a relationship with the gallery. Be professional. I try to recycle my artwork every few months so I keep things fresh for the gallery as well as for the clients. That involves a lot of time at the easel. Make sure you will be able to keep up with the pace and not just drop off paintings and leave them there to collect dust. Not every painting is sent off to galleries. Some are scraped down, some are just "workouts" and others are put aside and reworked over and over.

 Every gallery has different requirements and tastes, while one gallery loves my landscapes another promotes only my still life works. Some galleries run on a theme every few months so subject matter constantly varies. It is important to research your gallery before you approach it for representation. Go to the receptions where you can meet the owners, other artists and really question if you would be a good fit. Artists complain about the commission but if it is a good gallery they earn every cent! They are your business partner. They are getting the clients through their doors, promoting your work, investing their time, money and wall space, and believing in your work. I am always honored when a gallery will show my work ~ let them sell while I continue painting at my easel.

Some pieces take forever, others flow out of you but remember it has taken you a lifetime to get to where you are. A lifetime of painting, taking classes, watching demos, experimenting, reading etc.... Even the smallest painting needs to be varnished, photographed, framed, wired, logged - Sales tax and shipping cost need to be considered as well.

All this takes time but it is wonderful that we get to do what we love while spreading joy! Keep painting!

Mandarin et Ginger Jardiniere  18 x 24   oil

I hope this helps answer a lot of the questions. Feel free to email with other inquiries.
Thank you for all your comments and support. Here is to a peaceful summer!

47 Fifth Avenue   oil   5x7

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Painting From Life

"Leaving"    oil    6x6
Geary Gallery

There is so much to be said about painting from life. You see so much more than photograph reference. Trained as  an illustrator, I confirm how important picture reference is but I enjoy painting much more when it is right in front of me ~ whether it is a landscape painted plein air or a still life I have set up in my studio. You start to see all the nuances of color, reflected light and atmosphere. I think I have emphasized that to my students and when they start to see the difference its so rewarding. If I want a larger landscape I will redo the scene using the plein air painting as reference where I have truer color notes and have imprinted my own excitement or energy into the scene.

"Rooted" oil   6 x 11
Piermont Straus Gallery

Having said this I am very excited for all the organic markets to be opening up! Love painting the fresh produce - especially when it is something unique like purple carrots!!!!??? who knew? I painted these carrots a few times - one for the Carrot Museum (yes!!! there is such a thing!) and one is in Piermont Straus Gallery.

 Happy Spring! 

"Hope"   oil    8x10   
 Geary Gallery

I have already cut my forsythia branches and place them in water to force the blooms! Enough snow! Bring on the buds!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Autumn Exhibits of Oil Paintings by Sue Barrasi

As the Autumn colors come into our world, I thought to share some new venues. I am thrilled that "Hudson Marsh" found its home. I have been trying to paint larger and on different material. I love that these larger paintings have a gold or silver leaf finish. I do love frames, so much that sometimes I hang them just by themselves, with nothing in them! - but I feel this kind of finish gives my paintings a contemporary look. It is time consuming but worth the effort!

I am so honored to be the featured Artist at Geary Gallery. " Passion for Light " will consist of a dozen original oil paintings of landscapes and still lifes. Anne and Tom Geary have a beautiful gallery in picturesque Darien, Connecticut- a coastal town hugging the shoreline of Long Island sound. Less than an hour from Manhattan this place is well worth the trip- spend the day absorbing art, discover some unique shops, while indulging in great restaurants and views.
Geary Gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday, 9:30 to 5:00 pm.

"Fall is in the air and this October, we proudly present "Passion for Light" featuring the reflective landscape and still life paintings of Tappan, NY painter, Sue Barrasi

Her exhibit runs October 1 - 29.

Proud to be showing with these wonderful artists. 
Nyack also celebrates first Fridays, a village-wide event where local artists exhibit in local businesses and galleries promoting the arts, history and charm of this unique village.

"Summer Brook" will be exhibited at the 88th Grand National 2016 Exhibition with The American Artists Professional League Inc at the Salmagundi Club in NYC. Reception November 13 from 12-5


Friday, September 9, 2016

Bell-Ans Open Studio Day

 Thanks to the vision and generosity of Phyllis and James Dodge,  The Bell-ans Center of Creative Arts will be celebrating their third annual Open Studios day, from 11 AM to 6 PM on Saturday, September 10th in Orangeburg, New York, admission is free.
Founded in 1897 as a pill factory, the iconic, vintage factory building has since fostered the work of many local artists and artisans since the 1960's.
Located just 30 minutes from New York City, Bell-ans offers a haven for painters, sculptors, mixed-multimedia artists to create.  The view of Clausland Mountain, is framed by  the many horses, goats, hens, roosters, ducks, pigs and peacocks.  Artists’ studios will be open and displaying work, including Joan W. Hooker from Palisades and Wendy Lichtenthal from League of Their Our Own. West Carbery Stables will  be offering tours of their vintage barn and stables, while other businesses  located at Bell-ans open their spaces. Additionally, The SUPER FREAK exhibition,  The art of Disco, will be on display in the VOLITION Gallery.
  If you are in the area, its a great day to explore Bell-Ans!
I will be on the first floor exhibiting over 30 framed artworks as well as some unframed paintings from my 100 Day 100 Paintings Series, stop in and say hi! 

About Bell-ans
Contact Person: Phyllis Dodge (

Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Salmagundi Club Juried Painting and Sculpture Exhibition

Founded in 1871, the Salmagundi Club is one of the oldest art organizations in the United States. Housed in a historic brownstone mansion in Greenwich Village, this clubs offers classes, exhibits, demonstrations and auctions promoting representational American art.

The club encompasses three galleries, an elegant period parlor, restaurant, a bar with vintage pool tables and a library. The library walls are adorned with the palettes of previous painters, it is one of my favorite places in Manhattan. It is truly a walk through history.

The Salmagundi Club owns over 1500 works of art spanning its 140 year history with a membership of nearly 850 artists and patrons. Members included N.C. Wyeth, Louis Comfort Tiffany, Thomas Moran, Childe Hassam and two of my favorite painters, Emil Carlsen and William Merritt Chase. Honorary members have included such luminaries as Sir Winston Churchill, R. Buckminister Fuller, Paul Cadmus, Al Hirschfeld, Thomas Hoving and Schuyler Chapin. 

This non member juried annual show allows artists from all over the nation to exhibit their work in the Salmagundi's club prestigious upper gallery. It is such an honor to have my artwork included in this exhibit. 

Located at 47  Fifth Avenue,  New York,  New York 10003

Monday, July 18, 2016

100 Daily Paintings Completed and New Works

  Completed the 100 Paintings in 100 Days! What a challenge! I am extremely grateful to all those who  supported the daily posts with comments, suggestions, shares,"likes" and of course purchases.
I managed to teach five classes a week while doing this and was able to present a new series to my gallery as well.
 Painting was the easy part, I never ran out of ideas, but this was quite a learning curve as far as photographing, uploading, getting images on social media, (those of you who know me are aware I don't embrace social media) create the individual paypal buttons and upload to various websites.
Ok, maybe painting was not easy some days- the pile of rejected paintings reached my height.
  I am glad I did it, learned so much but I do not feel I ever have to create such stress in my life again! I am focusing the summer months on plein air painting around Tappan, New York - there are so many charming spots in this little hamlet. I will miss the still life setups but winter will be here soon enough.  It is quite humid in New York but as my back drips with sweat, and the mosquitos are buzzing by my head (and yes - right into my painting at times) I am extremely grateful  that I get to do what I love. Thank you again for all your support!

I am honored to be part of this exhibit at the Salmagundi Club in New York.  
 Weekdays open 1-6pm,  weekends open 1-5pm.
Reception is July 29 from 7:00 - 9:00.